Financing loan interest rates

Finance lending rates

Finance lending rates

finance an urgent purchase or make an important investment. This effect becomes particularly clear with long-term fixed lending rates and the special features of the individual forms of financing. If you need to pay more interest on your loan, plus a supplement to the form of financing, you will also benefit from the lower risk a loan now entails.

With regard to the interest rates to be included in the buyer credit coverage, their method of calculation and the corresponding provision of the OECD Consensus, there are no differences between coupled buyer credits and supplier credits. The interest cover ratio includes the contractual interest included in the coverage up to the contractual term of the corresponding loan installments. With the General Terms and Conditions FKG, the coverage according to para. Is extended not only to loan interest, but also to the ancillary costs of financing.

Loan under the loan agreement

Loan under the loan agreement

This can include various cost components, both those charged directly by the house bank and those carried by the house bank. In contrast to the loan interest, which represents the remuneration for the entire loan volume and thus only arises from the loan disbursement, ancillary financing costs are those expenditures that are to be borne by the debtor in connection with the loan under the loan agreement and which are usually offset by a corresponding increase the amount of the loan are evenly paid out of the loan without, as in the case of the majority of the credit, allowing for the direct provision of the export demand from the export contract.

The National Bank’s fee to the State for the financial credit cover is usually charged to the borrower as incidental costs of financing, so that the question arises whether this contractual (reimbursement) will be considered as part of the financial credit cover can. The fact that the foreign borrower ultimately has to cover the premium as a separate cost center may be linked by the foreign borrower to a contrary claim for reimbursement against the lender in accordance with the terms of the contract, ie in particular if the federal state in turn cancels the premium charged to the policyholder or the federal government refunded premium refunded.

Of course, in the case of a claim for compensation claims of the Federal Government against the financing banks (or even against the exporter) from reimbursement of fees for the debtor in the debt settlement of the federal government are included. Essentially, this is a claim for damages by the lending banks if, in the event of default or in the context of the contractually determined “event of default”, the banks settle the outstanding outstanding claims for damage immediately.

If the loan is then (prematurely) repaid, the house bank is obliged to suspend its refinancing. This leads to a prepayment loss for the borrower, which he adds to the borrower. billed. The borrower is required to repay the loan. In the event of immediate default due to default, the outstanding claim is often no longer fully repaid. However, in the case of Hermes Cover, the severance payment may in this case be paid by the Federal Government in a correspondingly discounted amount, with the above-mentioned interest loss occurring at the house bank.

Because BuyNer does not know in advance which variant of the Federal Government will follow in the specific case, it can not adjust accordingly. In addition, in the interest of the equivalence of the variant, it should be borne in mind that the Federal Government remunerates the credit institutions even in the event of compensation after the original due dates for the contractual interest, even if they no longer accrue in view of their immediate due date. When clearing the loan interest, it should be noted that these are no longer sufficient.

Because of these framework conditions and interdependencies, the Confederation is convinced that it will cover the breakage costs if it exercises its right to immediate compensation – because it is more advantageous in connection with its refinancing situation. The contractual interest rates to be recognized by the National Bank up to the original due dates are replaced by the prepayment penalty incurred as a result of the immediate maturity date.

The interest loss from the early repayment, which BuyNer can claim as a clearing item, only includes those financial disadvantages that arise on the side of refinancing with third parties. The refinancing of individual loans by the respective house bank remains reserved. The decisive factor is that it can only be compensated for the resulting interest loss to the extent that it has a claim for reimbursement.