Advance – Fast Payday Loan – Advantages, Disadvantages, Opinions

An advance payment is a fast payday loan from PLN 100 to PLN 2000 for 15 or 30 days. In Sairmoney, the first loan is granted for free. Below you will find a review of the Sairmoney loan, company information, check the conditions under which it is granted, learn about its advantages and disadvantages and the opinions of customers about the company and its offer.

Advance - payday loan

What are they writing about themselves?

The company emphasizes that it exists for those who need quick cash injection available online at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The client is assured that the employees are a team of highly qualified, professional advisors treating each client individually and with due respect. Therefore, particular emphasis is put on providing the best standard of services. The company’s motto is “Advance, Friend in Finance” and is to define the way of relations with clients. The company guarantees each client full discretion and security, including all personal and banking data.

Quick loan – money always at hand

Quick loan - money always at hand

Everyone can have unexpected expenses and in this situation, a quick loan will save your time and energy. Car breakdown, money for holidays, these are not a dead end. All you have to do is submit your application and in a moment you will have money on your account without any unnecessary questions or formalities.

What conditions must be met in order to be able to take advantage of the waiting time?

What conditions must be met in order to be able to take advantage of the waiting time?

As for information in this area, the company is definitely not described. I have researched the entire lender’s website and found no information about the conditions that must be met by the client wishing to apply for a payday. 

A quick loan in Sairmoney is available to customers who:

  • they are 21 years old,
  • they have an ID card,
  • they are citizens of Poland,
  • have a permanent address,
  • they have stable income from accepted sources (salary, own activity, retirement and other).

How do you get a break?

How do you get a break?

    1. Using the calculator, you specify the amount you would like to borrow and the loan repayment date of 15 or 30 days.
    2. Click ” send application ” and submit a simple application and accept the regulations.
    3. After sending the application you will be asked to activate your customer account on the Advance page.
    4. You will stay informed about the loan granted, by SMS and e-mail.
    5. You receive money in 30 minutes.

No requirement to verify your bank account and data by transferring 1 grosz

When you apply for a loan, other than one should also enter your bank account number. However, there is no need to verify it by making a transfer, and you can verify it via the Instantor application. This is a free way to verify your account. The Installer application establishes a connection with the account provided in the application, after entering the customer / login name and password for electronic banking. The connection is encrypted, which allows you to enter data safely and quickly verify your bank account.

Borrowing costs in Sairmoney

Costs of a free loan (promotional offer)

A representative example for the first 0% USRS loan provided that it is repaid on time:

  • the total loan amount is PLN 1000,
  • duration of the loan agreement 30 days,
  • preparatory commission PLN 0,
  • administrative commission PLN 0,
  • annual fixed interest rate – 0%,
  • capital interest of PLN 0,
  • Actual Annual Interest Rate (APR) 0%,
  • total amount to be paid PLN 1000.

The cost of another loan (standard)

A representative example:

  • the total loan amount of PLN 1,000,
  • duration of the loan agreement 30 days,
  • preparatory commission PLN 250,
  • administrative commission PLN 24.65,
  • annual interest rate variable – the interest rate is 10%,
  • capital interest PLN 8.21,
  • APR 1971%,
  • total amount to be paid PLN 1282,86.

Required documents

Although the website serves customers fully electronically via the Internet, the company reserves the right to request copies of documents from the customer in order to verify creditworthiness. The Customer may submit them in electronic form using the User’s Account for this purpose.

These documents may be:

  • a copy of your ID card – both sides,
  • driving license or passport,
  • confirmation of the bank account number, e.g. a letter from the bank, proof of payment from the bank account, payment to a bank account, a copy of the bank statement for the last calendar month,
  • in the case where the address is not indicated on the bank statement, the utility bill (VAT invoice) issued not earlier than 3 months before the date of submitting the application, containing the applicant’s address,
  • if the Borrower is running a business, then he may be asked to submit additional documents, for example KPIR from the last three months.

Credit control – assessment of creditworthiness

In order to determine the Customer’s ability to pay off the payment, the company performs credit control. It also includes verification of the accuracy of the information provided by the Borrower in the application and ends with its acceptance or rejection.
The result of a credit check also depends on:

  • Applicant’s credit history,
  • his age,
  • income earned,
  • commitments appearing in the business information bureaus databases.

Possible reasons for the rejection of the application

A moment in advance payment may not be granted in the case of:

  • incompatibility of data contained in the application with data resulting from the presented documents,
  • expiry of the identity document or the lack of all required information in the documents,
  • if the client who was given a payday earlier did not repay it in a timely manner,
  • if the customer has withdrawn from the contract from Sairmoney in the past,
  • if the address given by the Borrower as his / her address of residence has been previously reported as the registered office or address of another Customer,
  • if the telephone number provided by the Customer has been previously reported as the telephone number of another Borrower.

Does Advance check the debtors’ records?

1. Retrodatabase.
By checking and analyzing the data available on the Lender’s website and in the available rules, document templates, etc., I did not find any information regarding the company’s cooperation with Retrodatabase. Therefore, it should be assumed that the company does not check clients in the Credit Information Bureau.

2. Other registers of debtors.

Sairmoney co-operates with the National Bureau of Economic Information SA. This register is checked by the applicant before making the credit decision and information about the fulfillment of the obligation is posted.

Customer bonus – Affiliate Program “RECOMMEND TO A FRIEND”

The customer who submitted the application and repaid the liability in its entirety, can take advantage of the “Refer a friend” offer. It involves receiving from the Company PLN 30 in exchange for encouraging other people to use the services offered by Sairmoney. The amount of PLN 30 will be paid to the account number of the Referrer, if the application of the Referred person is accepted, he will receive a loan and pay it on time.

The pros and cons of Advance loan


  • the first loan for new customers is free,
  • the company does not check Databases
  • permanent Customers can submit an application via SMS.


  • high cost of next payday,
  • high lower age limit – 21 years,
  • loan only for employed persons who receive a fixed income,
  • narrow range of repayment time (only 15 or 30 days),
  • the lender’s website does not contain all the information of interest to the potential customer.